Intantnews Watch band history


Since its establishment in 2004, theIntantnews brand has produced high-quality multi-category watch straps. As an independent family business, the brand has been loyal to its ideals, originally defined in the tranquil environment of a small German village. Here, first-class craftsmanship and cutting-edge production combine to create exquisite timepieces that blend style and exquisiteness. In addition to providing exquisite fashion sense,Intantnews also has excellent cost performance.

In the next ten years, the brand established a name for itself because of its creative design. Since Apple released its new product apple watch, smart watches with smart watches have become trendy, andIntantnews followed closely, with exquisite craftsmanship, to design and produce a variety of watch bands suitable for Apple watches, leading the trend. This technology combined with excellent price-performance ratio has enabled the brand to establish a good reputation in the market.

This traditional family business keeps pace with fashion and technology, combining elegant materials and fashionable colors in an online store and a series of products with high recognition value. The brand currently has more than 400 sales outlets in 30 countries/regions. Today, just like 16 years ago,Intantnews still represents outstanding German rigorous craftsmanship.